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Emergency Cases” refers to critical, urgent situations requiring immediate medical intervention to prevent severe health consequences or save lives.


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Doctors Timetable: Organized schedule detailing doctors’ available hours, patient appointments, and consultations to ensure efficient healthcare service delivery.

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Maxwell super multispecialty hospital Pvt. Ltd. is best NABH accredited Super Multi Speciality Hospital Advance Neuro Trauma Centre in Varanasi that redefines standards of excellence in healthcare delivery by bringing together the best of infrastructure,

Maxwell super multi specialty hospital Pvt. Ltd. is a 120 bedded Multi Specialty hospital in Varanasi providing all kind of Medical Surgical & Diagnostic services to the patients of UP, Bihar and MP for more than 08 years. We provide best services in same campus like Cardiology. Nephrology, Medicine, General surgery. Neurology, Obs & Gynecologist, Urology, Pediatries, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology……………  Read more

Dr. K.N. Pandey


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A dedicated hospital focused on providing comprehensive medical services varanasi
and promoting well-being for individuals and communities.
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Maxwell Super Multi Specialty Hospital Pvt. Ltd., a 120-bedded hospital in Varanasi, offers comprehensive medical, surgical, and diagnostic services for over 8 years.

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    Patient Stories

    Mira kumari

    “Happy Eye Patient” is a heartwarming tale of resilience and hope. It follows the journey of a patient who undergoes successful eye surgery, transforming their life from one of struggle and limitation to joy and fulfillment. Through vivid descriptions and emotive storytelling, the narrative captures the profound impact of regained vision on the patient’s daily life, relationships, and outlook. It celebrates the miracles of modern medicine and the compassionate care provided by dedicated healthcare professionals. This story serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the power of healing and the beauty of seeing the world through grateful eyes.


    Abhishek singh

    Happy dental patient” refers to a patient who is satisfied, content, and pleased with their dental experience. These individuals may have had successful treatments, received excellent care from dental professionals, or achieved desired outcomes like improved oral health or a beautiful smile. A happy dental patient often reflects positive feedback, testimonials, and recommendations, contributing to a dentist’s reputation and practice growth. Their satisfaction indicates not only effective dental procedures but also a comfortable and supportive environment, fostering trust and loyalty towards the dental clinic or practitioner. Overall, a happy dental patient signifies a fulfilling and rewarding dental experienc


    Our esteemed doctors, highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields, are committed to providing personalized and comprehensive healthcare services to meet all your medical needs.

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    HAPPY Patient

    Compassionate Care, Trusted Testimonials.

    Hospital is good in every term from treatment to staff and facilities. Its in a good location making easy access to medicines and other stuff. Well maintained and hygienic hospital. Their services are really mentionable .

    Afzal khan

    Good hospitality, neat and clean, good supporting staff excellent all necessary facility under one umbrella.

    P Kulkarni

    Best Hospital in Varansi. All facilities available including pathology, blood bank, CT scan and 24 Hr Emergency services. All staffs are well trained and cooperative. I was admitted in 4th floor. Had good treatment. I am fully satisfied in this health care centre. I strongly recommended this hospital👍


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